Bloemendagen Limmen

Limmen is a village in the Castricum district of the province of North Holland. It is one of the oldest villages in this region and has a population of about 7000.

At the beginning of the 20th century, due to its sandy soil and good infrastructure, Limmen became the centre for flower bulb production in the area.

The ‘Bloemendagen’ are an annual spring attraction organised in Limmen. This all began around 1950 with a number of creative minded growers starting to make artefacts made of flowers. The flowers themselves were seen principally as a waste product and by picking them the bulbs continue growing and bring in more money. The ‘Bloemendagen’ have slowly grown into an event with national recognition and numerous participants.

In contrast to  other villages in the region, there is no central showground, the many individual objects being exhibited along a pre-established route. This route is about 10 kms in length and can be followed by bike or by car. During the opening weekend there will be additional attractions along the route with various activities also taking place in the centre of the village including an exhibition of old crafts and a display of old vehicles.

Entrance is free.

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